ACTIVITIES: 2 Epic Options For The Perfect Weekend Escape

Santa Barbara is known as the American Riviera. With oceanfront views, film festivals, fine wine and delectable dining, Santa Barbara is the ideal weekend getaway for any out-of-towner looking to recharge their battery. Whether you desire to be pampered or want an adventuresome weekend, Santa Barbara is the place for you!

Relaxation Getaway
Make a reservation at Bacara and let the pampering begin: world class spa, fine on-site dining, infinity pool overlooking the Pacific (with a mojito in your hand, of course), tennis, golf, sunset walks on the beach and much more.



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Endless Activities Getaway
Reserve a cottage at one of Santa Barbara’s numerous bed and breakfast hotels near the beach, and let the games begin! Here’s just a handful of the amazing outdoor adventures that await.


Amazing video by Eric Foote of Elevated Horizon


You’ve read about Santa Barbara. Now it’s time for you to experience it.

After visiting this surreal coastal town you won’t ever want to leave. Well, I’ve got good news…you don’t have to. Purchase a residence in Santa Barbara and you can call it home and recharge your battery whenever you want. Your idyllic life is only a click away!


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